• Warranty covers products that were used in proper environment and usage within 18 months.
  • Under warranty, TETRADYNE will cover all cost related to the repair or exchange of defective products, including freight cost from the customer and to the TETRADYNE or representative.
  • Warranty for repaired parts (when the product is out of warranty) is 3 months.



  • Warranty will start from the shipping date of the product to the destination. The date is based on the commercial invoice.
  • If product used in improper environment or purpose, the warranty will be excluded. The exclusion cases are shown in EXCLUSIONS below.  We recommend you to install and use the product according to its usual manual.
  • The warranty does not covered second hand goods or replicas.


  • DOA is defined as an obvious defect which is reported to TETRADYNE within 5 days of receipt.
  • In this case, we will provide a replacement product immediately if it is available on stock. Otherwise


 Warranty is excluded in the cases of defection/problem caused by:


  1. Exterior environment such as internet, antenna and cable signal.
  2. Improper set-up and modification or alteration by user or unauthorized personal.
  3. Maintenance performed on products by user or unauthorized personal.
  4. Other company’s product, including software’s.
  5. Improper operation on the products, not as user manual recommends to do.
  6. Improper usage of power supply or unauthorized accessories applied to the product
  7.  Repair or modification by user or unauthorized personal.
  8. Unusual physical or electronic stress.
  9. Consumable parts such as filters, lamps, condenser etc.

(※ the durability of these parts depend on conditions of user’s environment.)